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Name: Gubuala Satya

Age: 10


Gender: Male


Birthday: July 16, 2003    


Study: 5th Standard




Biography: Satya lives with his parents in this village. He has one older sister and one younger brother. He is studying 5th class. He hails from a Hindu background, the parents are Pagan.  We wish a bring Jesus into their family. Satya is now learning some bible lessons and stories. His parents are illiterate, although they work hard to rear their children. Satya needs a sponsor, at $40 a month. Please pray for this child and the family so that they will be saved in to the kingdom of God. Thank you.


Environment: Satya’s family comes from a country atmosphere, they are ill-mannered, no education in the family. They depend on daily labor. The main crop is paddy. Their diet is rice mixed with some kind of curries like, Dhal, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. Please pray for them. Thank you. He is in need of a sponsor. Please share your compassion and love with him. God bless you.


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